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Clarion Corp. of America has entered a new alliance with Mid-State Distributing, which now represents Clarion in the Rocky Mountain territory and in the MINK states. The distributor already offered Clarion products in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin, but now offers service in Colorado, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, Idaho, Nevada, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and Missouri.

Mid-State Distributing will hold Clarion-supported training events in May in both Salt Lake City and Denver.

“Mid-State is looking forward to offering an expanded line of products to our Rocky Mountain customers,” said Jeff Hedden, vice president of Mid-State Distributing. “We are also proud of our growing relationship with Clarion, bringing technology and innovation such as Intelligent VOICE powered by Google to the independent car stereo specialist.”

Mid-State Distributing has successfully represented Clarion in the north central US for several years, according to Clarion. The distributor has been in business for more than 60 years. The family-owned operation now has seven distribution locations across the U.S.

February 12, 2015: Restyling Mag

Rockford Fosgate Appoints Upper Midwest Distribution Partner

Rockford Fosgate has appointed Mid-State Distributing as its aftermarket retail distribution partner for the upper Midwest territory, including Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and northern Wisconsin, for its full line of mobile and moto-marine audio systems.

“The upper Midwest is a growing market and is an increasingly important territory for us,” said Greg Cobbs, regional sales manager for Rockford Fosgate. “We needed a distribution partner that could cover Minnesota, the Dakotas, and northern Wisconsin quickly and effectively with facilities large enough to meet our and our customers’ needs, and Mid-State Distributing is the answer. We are looking forward to working with them.”

According to Mid-State, the company has multiple facilities throughout the territory, and Rockford Fosgate will be stocked in the company’s 48,000-square-foot facility in Fargo, N.D. The location provides more than 90-percent next-day ground delivery within the territory.

The Mid-State sales team handling the territory includes Brad Johnson and Scott Neil out of the Fargo branch, and TJ Kolar based out of the Omaha, Neb., branch.

“I am extremely excited to add Rockford Fosgate to our line card,” said Tom Kolar, Mid-State Distributing national sales manager for 12 volt products. “Our team brings years of valuable experience to the table servicing our territory, and our goal is to be responsive to the every need of our customers. We look forward to a long profitable relationship with Rockford.”

For more information on Mid-State Distributing, contact Tom Kolar at 800-798-5965 (ext. 661), or visit www.midstatedistributing.com.

May 3, 2012

Coverage of our Fargo 12-volt dealer show, courtesy of 12VoltNews.com! For photos, video and more, check out the article here.

Mid-State Distributing capped the company’s 3-city 2012 show schedule in Fargo on Thursday and Friday, April 26th and 27th respectively. Successful dealer events in Shreveport and Omaha preceded the Fargo event. Tom Kolar, Mid-States Sales Manager related to 12voltnews.com, “Our Fargo event was another super show. Dealers from throughout the Dakotas, the Twin Cities and even Canada made their way to our Fargo event. In fact, 95% of the dealers that preregistered were in the house in Fargo. Our trainings developed enthusiasm and desire for new and existing product line growth. Overall, April was excellent – a very strong 12-volt month.”

Wednesday was set up and Thursday was product training sessions in the afternoon, followed by a Clarion sponsored steak cook out for dinner with plenty of refreshments. Vendors presenting training sessions were JBL/Infinity – Joe Walters, Pioneer – Bob Coyle (via video presentation), Clarion – John Wilson, ADS – Phil Camirand and Solace – Jim Speers. Don Montgomery of Rockford Corp. stated, “The show was well attended and dealers were there to buy. Not a lot of lookers. Renegade demonstrated its new power sports sound system that retails for $99.99. Customers were amazed at how loud and clear it played for such a compact, easy to install system. Not to mention priced competitively.”

The deals were deep on Friday at the Mid-State event and dealers came ready to place orders. Brands represented included Solace, Clarion, dB Drive, Quantum, dB Link, Atrend, Metra, Vizualogic, Renegade, ADS, Boss Audio, Accele, JBL, Infinity and Pioneer. “The mood was very upbeat on Friday. Dealers placed very nice orders and we grilled some great burgers and brats for lunch both days – sponsored by our very good friends at Pioneer. We feel the dealer shows in all locations add impetus for a very strong summer selling season,” Randy Balzum conveyed to 12voltnews.com.


April 18, 2012

Coverage of our Omaha 12-volt dealer show, courtesy of 12VoltNews.com! For photos, video and more, check out the article here.

Mid-State’s Three-City Show Schedule Kicked Off In Shreveport

The Mid-State dealer show in Omaha, the second in the company’s 3-event schedule, dodged tornadoes and hail the weekend of April 14th and 15th. “Severe weather reports changed a few plans and caused travel problems,” Mid-State’s Tom Kolar related to 12voltnews.com. “Saturday training sessions and steak dinner went on as scheduled and Sunday we had strong winds. However, the weather didn’t stop dealers wanting to see new products and take advantage of the great show specials.” USA Spec’s Bob Morgan and Accele’s Chris Way were traveling on Saturday from LA to Omaha for the Mid-State event when the weather changed their plans. Their flight from Salt Lake City to Omaha was cancelled due to weather. Rescheduling wasn’t really an option to make the show on time. Disappointed, Morgan and Way spent their weekends back in Los Angeles.

“The Mid-State show was very good for us at Scytek. I am new on board with Scytek as the National Sales Manager,” industry veteran Ron Basoff told 12voltnews.com. “Mid-State is a strong supporter of our brand and they are excited about our new product offerings that include cameras and window film that round out our company’s security and remote starter products.” The show floor layout in the warehouse area of Mid-State facility was well defined. Vendor booths around the perimeter provided easy access and showcased demo vehicles on site that included a Hummer loaded with DB Drive gear, a HHR filled with JBL and a classic ‘35 Chevy valued at $125K. “The dealers attending the Pioneer training session late Saturday afternoon were really into learning more about the sell up features of the 2012 Pioneer line. The next day, during the show, they were still asking questions,” Bob Coyle commented to 12voltnews.com.

A highlight of the Mid-State show was the Solace booth. Kelly Cooley and Jim Speers traveled from Edmonton, Canada to formally introduce the Solace security and remote starter line to Mid-State dealers. The stunning display set the stage for the upscale Solace product line. Speers trailered the display the 1,100-plus miles from western Canada to Omaha. “The weather was really sketchy Saturday night. We all enjoyed a great steak and Randy cooked one of the thickest I have ever seen. While eating, we all kept an eye on the weather” Metra’s Jeff Fletcher related to 12voltnews.com.

StreetGlow was introduced as a new Mid-State vendor. “There was a tremendous amount of interest from dealers. It was non-stop for me all through the show” StreetGlow’s National Sales Manager Charles Cotroneo told 12voltnews.com on Sunday from the show floor in Omaha. “Adding lighting to a vehicle or boat can make such a strong visual. The lighting category represents a strong profit opportunity and many 12volt retailers are seeing the light, so to speak. Many told me they are so happy to see StreetGlow taking the lead to promote this category.”

The list of brands and representatives traveling to Omaha included Pioneer – Bob Coyle, Renegade – Don Montgomery, Boss Audio – Jeremy Hartwell (Select Sales) JBL/Infinity – Randy Strunk and Joe Shaffer (Creative Sales and Marketing), Rostra - Wendall Jones (CircleB), ADS – Phil Camirand and Robert Di Desare, Scytek – Ron Basoff, MITO – Adam Olmsted, db Research – Rick Alaniz and Jeff Budin, BOYO, SPAL – Justin Toler, PIE – Eddie Lucero, Vizualogic – Brian Torres, Brandmotion – Geoff Dixon and Wendall Jones (CircleB), Metra, Tsunami, Axxess and Install Bay with Jeff Fletcher.

"At the Omaha show we grilled over 100 lbs of prime beef. For our Fargo show the grill will be hot again and we will have a super lineup of vendors and training sessions. Look forward to seeing you in Fargo on April 26th and 27th,” Randy Balzum from Mid-State told 12voltnews.com.


April 4, 2012

Coverage of our Shreveport 12-volt dealer show, courtesy of 12VoltNews.com! For photos, video and more, check out the article here.

Mid-State’s Three-City Show Schedule Kicked Off In Shreveport

Mid-State Distributing’s 2012 show schedule kicked off in Shreveport, LA on Saturday and Sunday. March 31st and April 1st respectively. Nearly two dozen brands were displayed in the warehouse area of the Mid-State facility just north of downtown Shreveport. Mid-State's Tom Kolar, along with Bryan Kendall and TJ Kolar, flew in from Omaha. Company VP Jeff Hedden traveled from Des Moines and Randy Balzum from Fargo, ND.

Hedden told 12voltnews.com on-site, “The Shreveport branch serves a big slice of the overall territory we serve – that actually stretches from the Gulf Coast to the Canadian border for several of the brands we distribute. This year’s show was solid. We had a good percentage of bigger orders. We had over 50 dealers from the area pre-register for our show in Shreveport this year. The actual turnout was very good. Saturday afternoon featured training sessions for Vizualogic, Metra, Scytek and ADS/iDatalink. Saturday night’s dinner, with great fried catfish and the fixin’s, was a great opportunities for dealers to network and show off the systems in their rides in a relaxed atmosphere. Sunday was show day and dealers were at the door at the 9 AM opening.”

Bryan Kendall, who is new on board with Mid-State, was on roller skates as he tried to met with all his dealers – some traveling from Houston and southern Louisiana and Mississippi. The Shreveport branch is set in the middle of Kendall’s territory of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. “We had great deals and dealers traveled to our show in pickups and SUV’s to pick up their gear save freight,” Kendall stated.

Brands represented at the show included DB Drive, Metra, Quantum, Brandmotion, Rostra, OKUR, Tsunami, Accele, Axxess,  Renegade, DB Link, USA Spec, Vizualogic, StreetGlow, Boss Audio, OPTX Marine, ADS/iDatalink, Bazooka, XS Power and Scytek.

A good number of factory personnel and reps, many traveling great distances, were on hand. Robert Di Desare and Phil Camirand, ADS, traveled from Montreal. Di Desare is the company’s General Manager and Camirand is a very special product specialist. Accele’s Joshua Conant traveled in from  LA for the show.

DB Drive partner Morris Varon was in from Harlingen, TX and Bazooka founder Jon Jordan up from Baton Rouge. Jeremy York, from Denver, made this his first Mid-State Shreveport Show.  Tempe, AZ based Don Montgomery showed the latest Renegade Audio products. Metra’s Jeff Fletch journeyed from Holly Hill, FL to show the latest Metra kits and accessories plus Install Bay, Tsunami and Axxess.

Reps on hand included Dave Gill, SMS, with a long list of brands that included Scytek, Vizualogic, DB Drive and Bazooka. Circle B’s Bill Bethune was joined by Darrell Burt, to show the Rostra and Brandmotion lines.

Make plans now to attend the Mid-State show in Omaha on April 14th & 15th or the show in Fargo on April 26th & 27th!